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Welcome to my page -- I am Charalampos P. Andriotis, Assistant Professor of Artificial Intelligence in Structural Design & Mechanics at TU Delft, directing AiDAPT Lab, TU Delft's AI-Lab for Design, Analysis, and Optimization in the Faculty of Architecture & the Built Environment. My group's research is on decision-making under uncertainty for life-cycle control of engineering systems and infrastructure. Within this line of research, we focus on prediction, inference, learning, and optimization methodologies supporting resilient and autonomous planning against deterioration and hazards. Computational and theoretical themes that underpin this research include structural mechanics, uncertainty quantification, systems risk and reliability, and stochastic optimal control, especially as these emerge at the confluence of structural engineering and data science. Applications of interest to our research lie in the broader areas of performance-based engineering; stochastic modeling of structures subject to multiple stressors; life-cycle assessment and optimization; risk mitigation planning; value of information quantification; and infrastructure resilience. Shaping novel algorithmic approaches in AI and machine learning, our efforts are motivated by bridging physics-based engineering with data-driven intelligence, towards new paradigms, able to meet the complex decision-making challenges posed by the dynamically changing, expanding, and intertwining urban, natural, and digital environments, at large, real-world scales.

Recent News

  • New preprint on system-level inspection & maintenance planning under statistical and structural component dependencies, entitled "Inference and dynamic decision-making for deteriorating systems with probabilistic dependencies through Bayesian networks and deep reinforcement learning", read more - Sept 09, 2022

  • Interview at the TVVL Magazine Special Issue for "Future & Trends 2022: Circularity & Data" on how we can use AI to support sustainability and digitalization transitions in the built environment, read more - Jul 05, 2022

  • Interview at NVDO Vakblad Asset Management on the new possibilities of reinforcement learning for infrastructure decision-making and our related ongoing research at AiDAPT, read more - Nov 11, 2021

  • New paper published in Structural Safety, Elsevier, entitled "Optimal inspection and maintenance planning for deteriorating structural components through dynamic Bayesian networks and Markov decision processes", read more - Nov 09, 2021

  • Applications are invited for a PhD position in AI for structure & infrastructure stochastic life-cycle optimization under uncertainties, read more - Oct 01, 2021

  • New paper published in Structural Safety, Elsevier, entitled "Value of structural health information in partially observable stochastic environments", read more - Sept 07, 2021

  • New paper published in Reliability Engineering & System Safety, Elsevier, entitled "Deep reinforcement learning driven inspection and maintenance planning under incomplete information and constraints", read more - Aug 20, 2021

  • Interview at VV+ van Techniek Nederland Magazine on the prospects of artificial intelligence for the structural engineering and construction industries and the newly founded AiDAPT Lab, read more - April 16, 2021

  • Applications are invited for two PhD positions in the areas of AI-driven decision-support analytics for (i) structural life-cycle assessment and optimization and (ii) adaptive infrastructure management against multiple stressors, read more - Feb 24, 2021

  • TU Delft launches our new Artificial Intelligence Lab, AiDAPT: The AI-Lab for Design, Analysis, and Optimization in Architecture & the Built Environment, read more - Feb 01, 2021

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Faculty of Architecture & the Built Environment

Delft University of Technology

Julianalaan 134, 2628 BL, Delft 

email: c.andriotis [at] tudelft [dot] nl

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